Dems May Force A 1st For Trump

President Trump has declared a national emergency, something that isn’t sitting well with Democrats. Many on the left have voiced that they will seek to counter the declaration. Now the White House is declaring that Trump will not allow that to stand. 

Should Democrats in Congress successfully vote against the national emergency, White House senior adviser Stephen Miller claimed that Trump would veto the action. “He’s going to protect his national emergency declaration, guaranteed,” Miller shared.

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Should it come to pass, this would be the first veto of Trump’s presidency. 

While Democrats may rally and try to override the veto, Republican Jim Jordan believes there are enough Republicans within the House of Representatives to block that action. 

“I think there are plenty of votes in the House to make sure that there’s no override of the president’s veto,” Jordan said. “So it’s going to be settled in court, we’ll have to wait and see.”