How Trump Keeps Biden At Bay

Former Vice President Joe Biden is rumored to be eyeing a White House bid for 2020, yet as candidates continue to crowd the space what is holding him back from making an official announcement?

Some are now speculating that it could be Biden’s 49-year-old son, Hunter, that has him feeling reluctant. 

In May of 2015, Biden was hit with tragedy when his other son, Beau, died of brain cancer. Sadly the funeral was a catalyst for future misfortune. 

At the time of Beau’s death, Hunter was married with three children. However that didn’t stop him from having an affair with his brother’s widow, Hallie.

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For many media outlets this was a media dream story, filled with scandal and drama. Which is likely not something that the former VP would like to go through again should he commit to running in 2020.

A former colleague of Hunter shared his thoughts on both Hunter and his possible influence on events saying:

“You know how some people are both fuck-ups and earnest at the same time? That’s how Hunter is. He’s not a bad guy at all.” 

“Even as Hunter was a pain in the ass, Joe was supportive of him—he was a real dad. I don’t think he’s embarrassed by Hunter. But whether the family is willing to have all that revisited is tricky,” the colleague added.

With President Trump showing a penchant for exploiting the shortcomings of his opponents, Biden is doing himself a favor by considering his options carefully.