If Your Kid Is Taking Sociology In College, They Might Have a Crazy Professor Like This One

There’s no better haven for crazy old Communists than the world of academia, but if you want to find the creme de la creme of idiocy, the sociology department is probably your best bet. That’s where we find one Dr. Karen Halnon who teaches at Penn State, and was just arrested for an insane rant she went on while flying a plane. Luckily for our entertainment’s sake, someone was good enough to whip out their cellphone and record her insanity!

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Can you imagine this lady gets to teach impressionable young minds about her “hero” Hugo Chavez and how the CIA gave him cancer?

When asked why she was smoking, she said that she was all about “social justice” and was doing it to emulate her hero, Fidel Castro!

After she was arrested she claimed that the TSA tortured her while in confinement, but I have a feeling her story may not be terribly accurate, seeing as she appears to be slightly schizophrenic.

What do you think? Would Karen make a good sociology professor or a great one?!


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