Left Wing Websites Had to Retract Hit Piece on Scott Walker When Bloggers Exposed Their LIE

Left-wingers went on a tear this weekend thinking they had caught Scott Walker, but they were humiliated and embarrassed after conservative bloggers ate up their story and spit it back in their faces. It began on Friday when a “senior journalist” at Jezebel wrote this:

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s proposed budget—which would cut $300 million dollars out of the state’s beloved public university system—has a non-fiscal bombshell tucked in between its insane pages.

Under Walker’s budget, universities would no longer have to report the number of sexual assaults that take place on a campus to the Department of Justice. Under Walker’s plan, university employees who witness a sexual assault would no longer have to report it.

There are no policy recommendations in Walker’s budget how or what would replace these reporting mechanisms. The Governor simply instructs that they should be deleted.

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Wow, sounds bad, doesn’t it? It fits perfectly with the demented liberal view that Republicans just want to unleash the Patriarchy on poor unsuspecting women. But here’s the problem – it’s completely false. Conservative bloggers start taunting the writers of the story with this explanation of why the language was actually deleted:

The proposal to delete the annual reports to the state Department of Justice is among dozens of requirements that would be removed as part of Walker’s plan to decouple the university from most state laws and state oversight. Though the budget proposal came out earlier this month, the sex assault request was explained in a summary released Thursday by the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

UW System spokesman Alex Hummel said Friday that the university requested the change because information given to the state is duplicative of data required to be reported to the U.S. Department of Education under federal law. The university also posts the information on its website.

It took the entire weekend, but the Daily Beast posted a full retraction of the story after picking it up from Jezebel. The writer of the original piece was defiant at first, but was forced to apologize on Twitter to Walker. Unfortunately I can’t show you the tweets because she very soon after protected her account so no one could read them!

And that’s how the conservative blogosphere successfully destroyed a left-wing smear on Scott Walker.


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