McCain on wiretap: ‘I haven’t seen anything like this’

Sen. John McCain on Monday demanded the release of any evidence backing up President Donald Trump’s claim that President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower in the run-up to the presidential election, blasting the White House’s refusal to answer additional questions about the matter.

McCain said the American people “have a right to know on what basis the president of the United States said that his predecessor had broken the law by wiretapping Trump Tower.”

“I haven’t seen anything like this,” the Arizona Republican told reporters, explaining that the Trump administration “should answer questions.”

“The American people should demand it,” McCain continued. “The dimensions of this are huge.”

He said his first reaction upon reading Trump’s tweet on Saturday morning was “intense curiosity.”

“This is unprecedented,” he added. “I have never heard of a president of the United States accusing his predecessor or any other president of the United States of violating the law.”


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  • The_Frog_Prince

    What many of us demand McLame is that you retire and go out to pasture.

    • John E Strom Jr.

      OR do the right thing and shoot yourself. Hanging would work too! But he won’t. Sen. John Sidney McCain is a coward who hates himself AND hates America because HE knows he’s been judged and found a fraud.


    So for President Trump’s accusations to be true, he has to prove it. He doesn’t need to prove a damn thing to you. Read the whistle blowers. There is no doubt what has been going on. Obama, Schumer, Pelosi are on a campaign to discredit President Trump. They are only disgracing themselves. I still believe you can’t stand it because he won the Presidency and you didn’t even come close. It’s time for you and your daughter to go back to AZ.

    • HCUA

      We don’t want the S.O.B. back here, either. He is such an embarrassment to Arizona. We used to have good conservatives that went to Washington, like Goldwater, Fannin, Conlan, Steiger.
      Now, we get crap like Juan McPain, Flake, reds like Grijalva and another just like him, can’t remember his name and don’t want to.
      It sure isn’t the good old days.

      • Bird

        It’s getting harder all the time to find a moral, USA loving, honorable, intelligent, committed crusader who wants to dive into the ‘swamp’.

    • John E Strom Jr.

      So is John “war hero” McCain. Anything he can do to denigrate President Trump this fraud will do. He’s an ass.

  • Vietnam Vet

    McCain is no different then Schummer or Pelosi. I can’t believe the shear stupidity of some of my neighbors who voted to reelect this democrat phony.

  • VirgoVince

    John, STFU, watch, listen and learn, the evidence you want WILL BURY YOU, rino idiot!!

  • MASR53

    So Trump has to prove to the Amerikan people he was wiretapped BUT the last POTUS didn’t have to answer for a proven, by multiple professional forgery experts, forged birth certificate????
    Is McCain on the Soros payroll?

    • Jackson Brannon

      Why wasn’t Mclame upset when Odummy attacked innocent people with the IRS???!!! What about the BILLIONS of gold and cash given to a Terrorist country of Iran??!! I think Mclame needs to slither back under his rock!!!

      • HCUA

        That’s where we find scorpions and centipedes, too.

      • HAWK

        Your right McCain is a senile old man who has been in office way to long. That`s why term limits should be in place. We could get rid of a lot of trash.

    • Michael Montana

      Yes he is. He’s no “Hero” he’s a piece of miserable shit Rino.

      • Gloria D.


    • OldRockerguy

      George Soros donated to 12 Republicans (now referred to as the “Dirty Dozen”) during the 2016 elections. John Kasich was the biggest recipient having received $202,700. Paul Ryan was next receiving a $10,800 donation from Soros.

      Other GOP congressional recipients of Soros contributions include Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., ($2,500); Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. ($2,700); Rep. Joe Heck, R-Nev. ($2,700); Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio ($2,600); Rep. Ed Royce, R-Calif. ($2,500); Rep. Carlos Curbelo, R-Fla. ($1,000); Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa ($1,000); Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis. ($1,000); Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash. ($1,000); and Rep. Dan Donovan, R-N.Y. ($300).

      • John E Strom Jr.

        I’m surprised gay blade, Sen. Lindsey Graham, didn’t receive any of Soros’ shekels to betray us. He’s as bad as McCain and THAT IS BAD. Two American Judases

        • OldRockerguy

          These are all that I have found that have been reported. Could there be others? It wouldn’t surprise me.

      • Gloria D.

        BINGO!!!!! All TRAITORS!!!

      • HAWK

        Trump can really drain the swamp.

    • Ken says

      NO – McCain is just a PUPPET of the Establishment and reads the script he is handed. Drain the Swamp – Make America Great Again.

      • HAWK

        Your right he is a rino who is in the swamp with pelosi,feinstein and many more.

    • R Beardall

      & where is the proof of this so called Russian involvement?As well as many other Accusations with no Proof!But Yet there is A LOT of truths,facts and show it in Your face truth, regarding all the Clinton’s and Ol BeRo himself!So let’s get to prosecuting and locking them up!

    • The_Frog_Prince

      He is.

  • Mike Organ

    McCain, Wait til you see what Obama has on you.

  • Bandit

    Well I guess that’s why bamba boy was ALWAYS blaming President Bush for everything under the sun including war crimes, well as they say what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, mccain is a liberal demoncrat that needs to be removed before he or it can cause any more trouble. The rino known as mccain has cone how much to undermine this country?? During Viet nam while he was a pow he was known as don’t bird, because he gave away secrets during that time..

  • Clayton

    the want a be dumb-a-rat needs to crawl out of obammers ass and shut his mouth, I guess he think is the president, I guess no one told the loser that he lost and he needs to retire and go home.

  • COL Joseph A. Masterson

    John Boy. Trump was right. You are NO hero. You milked that cow long enough. You are a vain, contentious, vindictive, miffed little boy who didn’t get to grab the brass ring on this merry-go-round. Do the rest of us a favor and stop disgracing the military veterans. Retire.

    • kbfallon

      You can go from “Hero” to “Zero” pretty quickly when you can’t keep your priority’s straight. He is a poster boy for the dumb azz of the year award.

    • Howleyesque

      McSTAIN only avoided a noose when he came back home because Richard Nixon gave him a pardon! His fellow POW’s nicknamed him “SONGBIRD” for good reason! As to that “election” bid, my guess is that he INTENTIONALLY threw it so as to collect the campaign donations, not HAVE TO do the job and be able to cozy up to BARRY afterwards for having done a FINE JOB of blocking a REAL candidate from the race!

  • Charlie Davenport

    Facts? We don’t need no stinking Facts.

    • Howleyesque

      Barry’s crew didn’t….

  • Francisco Machado

    I recall some unsubstantiated allegations made by Hillary – could we review McCain’s outspoken demands that she release the proof of those allegations – or has he just awoken and found himself confused by the noises around him? McCain is one strange character – I sometimes suspect him of being an alien, and I don’t mean from Mexico.

  • Jackson Brannon

    WE demand that Johnny Mclame explain to the American people WHY HIS home state of Arizona continue to MURDER and EXPLOIT our American Veterans!!!! This is the most horrible thing I have ever heard of and think a Veteran would NOT allow his state to treat fellow Veterans this way!!!

  • OldRockerguy

    John McCain is, was, and always will be a traitor not only to his constituents here in Arizona but also to the entire country. He was censured a couple of years ago by the Maricopa County Republican Party for not properly representing our state. In 2016 we missed a golden opportunity to get rid of this senile crook. Kelli Ward – a REAL conservative was opposing him in our 2016 senatorial primary. She would have been an excellent complement to Trump. As expected his campaign commercials were the usual lies. McCain always speaks and acts “conservative” just prior to his senatorial primaries. Once he gets through the primary he reverts back to the lying piece of crap that he is. I have never voted for this a$$hole. It saddens me that our citizens keep buying in to his phony campaign commercials. McCain is a disgrace to our state. It amazes me that voters can cast a vote for Trump and then cast a vote for McCain. Electing the same politicians over and over again and expecting different results is insanity.

  • Howleyesque

    And I DEMAND an investigation into SONGBIRD MCSTAIN who was given the nickname SONGBIRD by his fellow POW’s for good reason! His support of an administration (BARRY’S!) that has had NO HESTITATION about violating the Constitutional rights of veterans (LIKE… ME!) and attempt to suppress free speech (through threats of CRIMINAL SUITS?) as well as his cooperation in spreading the CIA FABRICATED “the Russians are coming” NONSENSE, call past into HUGE question!

  • John please retire, it would be a great help to the country.

  • US Patriot

    The Government has been lying about all the spying they have been doing on Americans ever since the World Trade Center was destroyed on September 11, 2001. Does the Patriot Act ring a bell? Do you see all the cameras on the poles lining your streets and your Interstate highways? Do you know your computers and your smart TV’s and your cell phones can track you and spy on you without your knowledge? Have you ever heard about facial recognition technology? You are being watched every momoent of your life! Watch the movie “:1984” and you will see this was all predicted many, many years ago! America is a “Police State”.
    You have no Freedoms, Liberties or rights anymore!

    • John E Strom Jr.

      Absolutely, and ALL illegal. Done by OUR intel agencies that run the government [except they didn’t county on the election of Donald Trump. McCain is scum, a coward and not respected by anyone of consequence.

  • avi8tor

    McCain, where was Gen. Flynn when he his phone conversation was tapped? “I’ll take Trump Tower for $500 Alex.”

  • Ron Long

    So, John, still shilling for Obama huh?

  • Ron Bedell

    John McCain is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and McCain is a big liar.

  • jackel

    McCain is flat out against President Trump and not protecting America, and he does not seem to care—–whose payroll is he really on!!!!! Should have leD charge against Obama’s crimes and reputation a long time ago—–where was he then—–not a pow.

  • gvhparkridge

    McCain, he is and has been off the rails for many years…the people in AZ are really screwed up. A lot like Durbin in Illinois, people in Illinois have this ding dong.

  • Vincent Knight

    Obama wanted to use wire taps on Americans who opposed him, congress said no, but his FBI ans CIA robot directors in all probability said yes, they don’t call themselves the secret service for nothing

  • proudV

    John McCain has aided and abetted the enemy for along time, Starting in Viet Nam and still at it right now. What in the name of God were the people of Arizona thinking?, McCain is a brain dead lying traitor. So it must be that Arizona citizens are in a giant Coma, Thank you for putting the Rhin’o back in his seat…..

    • John E Strom Jr.

      They ALSO elected Jeff Flake who isn’t much better and FIRED Sheriff Joe Arpiao. Arizona is becoming a left wing state with jackasses like McCain and Flake. Two losers

  • gypsy314

    Folks I hope the American people remove the rinos from office recall them if you can

  • John E Strom Jr.

    Sen. John McCain is an ENEMY of President Trump. He’s an enemy of America and he is NO war hero. He got shot down and survived as a POW by spilling his guts. The left has dirt on McCain so he’s now a loyal leftist. He has a well funded PR group but he’s a fraud and always has been. Ditto his butt buddy Lindsey Graham – another closet sodomite. Trust NEITHER of them and count of both to stab President Trump in the back at every opportunity. TWO FRAUDS


    COWARD! TRAITOR! Unseal this mans records to find out the REAL truth.

  • Paula Pettit Skender

    McCain has a lot to answer for. And there is enough evidence against Obama to start the investigation already initiated.

  • Gloria D.

    Please, someone, put some RAT POISON in McCain’s coffee!!! What a D I C K!!!!!!!!

  • Lilly Putney

    It’s been all over the news papers now for quite a while. Surprised he didn’t see it in the NYT

  • john T