Midterms Compared To “A Knife Fight In An Alley” By McConnell

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has said that in the Senate, November elections will be like “a knife fight in an alley” for Republicans.

McConnell said, “You can’t repeal history, and almost every election two years into any new administration the party of the presidency loses seats. They don’t always lose the body, but almost always loses seats. And so we know that this is going to be a very challenging election on the Senate side.”

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He continued, “I’ll just list you a bunch of races that are dead even, Arizona, Nevada, Tennessee, Montana, North Dakota, Missouri, Indiana, West Virginia and Florida. All of them too close to call and every one of them like a knife fight in an alley. I mean just a brawl. In every one of those places. I hope when the smoke clears we’ll still have a majority in the Senate.”

When questioned about Ted Cruz’s race,” McConnell added, “I think Ted’s got a competitive race by all indications. We certainly expect to win in Texas but I think he does have a competitive race.”