Ocasio-Cortez Camp Triggered By Comparison

Even a compliment can turn into an argument when dealing with the ever sensitive Democrats. A largely positive comparison that CNN’s Brian Stelter made about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and President Trump’s social media influence has set off the freshman congresswoman and her cadre of followers.

The displeasure at being linked to Trump in any way was so great that AOC’s chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti, attended an interview with Stelter just to differentiate how the congresswoman’s tweets differ from the president’s after Stetler labeled her tweets “Trumpian.”

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“Trump uses social media as a way to get to people’s lowest common denominator,” Chakrabarti began to explain. “He uses it to incite fear. He talks about simplistic ideas. He starts rhyming ‘wall’ with ‘fall’ and becomes the Dr. Seuss of social media. Alexandria is actually using social media to explain complex policy ideas and trying to build a movement around real solutions.”

After the interview Stetler tweeted directly at Ocasio-Cortez and extended an invitation for her to come and give her own words on the matter. 

While AOC seemed to accept she couldn’t help but reiterate how she doesn’t share anything in common with Trump while taking a dig at the president.

“Got it! Look forward to joining you all sometime (for what it’s worth, I think we use social media very differently as well. He’s got more of an “man yells at cloud” thing going on,” she replied.