Pelosi Snubs American Families

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has refused to meet with the Americans that comprise angel families. In response they protested right outside her office door.

Angel families are those who have lost a loved one due to crime committed by illegal immigrants.

They had come to share their stories with the House Speaker in the hopes of encouraging her to end the shutdown and make the concessions necessary to fund a wall that would secure the nation. 

Yet when they arrived they were informed that Pelosi was not in at the time, despite other appointments being escorted in past the group of protestors. 

Event organizer Amy Kremer posted to Twitter about the event, stating her disappointment. 

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“Speaker Pelosi would not meet with the Angel Families,” Kremer recounted. “As a matter of fact, they told us the speaker wasn’t there at that office and while we were there, somebody came in that had a private meeting with her and they escorted her back behind the wall!”

Another member of the group, Sabine Durden, also chided Pelosi saying that, “If you’re that tough, come see me. Come see all of us in one room. No press, just us, just for two minutes.”

Durden had previously made similar comments, even confronting Pelosi on Fox News, “I just want to, mother-to-mother, look you in the eyes and ask you if you want to feel this way,” Durden said.

It goes to show how Democrats seem to favor the families of illegal migrants over American families that have suffered at their hands.