Schumer Doubles Down On Sexual Misconduct Against Trump

On an episode of ABC’s “The View,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) reacted to President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court associate justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual assault allegations.

Schumer stated, “I think the allegations of Professor Ford are extremely credible. She took a lie detector test. She talked about this to her therapist. They were having family counseling in part because of what happened to her, five years ago and told all the details. And third, to come out and say something like this puts you and your family through incredible scrutiny. People throw brick bats at you and everything else. She didn’t do it on a whim. I don’t think she did it for political reasons. She has a great deal of credibility.”

Regarding if the nomination should be put on hold, Schumer said, “Yes, yes. You know what, a rush to judgment, trying to rush this through on Thursday is an insult to the women of America and an insult to the majesty of the Supreme Court of the United States.”

  • GetReal4U2

    the only “insult” to America are liberals like you…

    que the meltdown…

    TRUMP 2020!

  • RufusVonDufus2

    Schumer is totally a schmuck! Schmuck in the truest meaning of the word. His final demise will be a day of rejoicing if he takes Waters, Feldstein, Harris, et. al. with him.

  • Gerry Costa

    schum-sh** — you are the insult to NYS, to America, to the political world and to the human race. You know this is ALL BS from start to finish just like the 3-ring circus that mueller is the head clown of. Now you want to open your lying corrupt mouth and be the head clown of another demoSCUM debacle. What’s the matter — are you afraid of getting out of the limelight and actually becoming the nobody that you already are.

  • Jim Kellely

    What a POS! You Are a Total discrase to America!

  • George Carden

    She told all the details 5 years ago and she never mentioned Kavanaughs’s name. She has no credibility. I’d like to know who is paying her to say these things.

    • Estell Newton


    • Big Ed

      The victim’s lawyer is a protege of George Soros, and we all know that Soros is already spending a ton of money backing the Trump resistance, he also paid for the demonstrators at the Kavanaugh hearings to get arrested and raise holy hell. Why wouldn’t he pay for the final shot at undoing Trump’s nominee by getting a loyal lawyer and a Bernie backer “victim” to claim Kavanaugh is a pervert and force his withdrawal.

  • Schuuuuumer is a hypocrite looked at what he did not do when Clinton had sex in the oval office he did NOTHING! Schuumer is just like Clinton incompetent, a money whore and clueless on what is good for the American people.

  • Schuuumer look at Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, President Johnson, then look at Cavanaugh the first group had a compulsion and a history of sexual abuse and activity with other than their wives. You do not see that with Cavanaugh, in fact you have a lot of woman coming to his defense and you have one political democrat that has told different stories and lie detector tests can by deceiving just look at Gloria Allred would never have her person give lie detector tests.

  • Dan

    Chuck Schumer is the biggest piece of FECES to ever have held office! **** Chuck!

  • Dan

    I agree with GetReal4U2, ——– TRUMP 2020!

  • Robert DeLong Ph.D.

    I never thought I’d see our elected officials be so partisan. What are the Democrats doing about
    their own problems of accusations of sexual improprieties?

    • artsr

      Nothing on the Democrat side only on Republicans..

  • Albedamned!

    Schumer or Schmucky, a very evil, mean spirited man!

    • artsr

      Like Diane Finestein..

  • Estell Newton

    And how many sexual assaults have been against Schumer and the rest of the democrats. Would be interesting to know.

  • artsr

    Well Schumer what about your own Sexual harassment that was supposed to being looked into By the FBI ??? It has been a year now what is up with that. And big Sexual harassment against the DNC Chair Keith Ellison.Hmm nothing to see here move along..MAGA..

  • Robert DeLong Ph.D.

    I do not think Kavanaugh is guilty of these allegations.
    I am not a betting man, but I would be willing to bet that Schumer and Feinstein both have things that happened when they were seventeen years old they wouldn’t want the public to know. If this is so bad why did they not bring it up when they talked to him privately?
    More Democratic resistance. Makes me understand why their symbol is what it is.

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  • Philomena

    Chuck Schumer, You are a disgrace to New York and the USA.

    Remember when Chuck Schumer said “What ever it takes to Stop Kavanaugh” ? Chuck and Dianne needed time to plan what they were going to do.

    We’re starting to learn a lot about Kavanaugh’s accuser.

    Christine Blasey Ford:
    —can’t recall details of alleged incident
    —has family negatively affected by Kavanaugh’s mom
    —donates to the DNC, Democrat politicians and causes
    —is an anti-Trump activist
    —scrubbed online presence
    – Kavanaugh’s mother ruled against Ford’s parents in a foreclosure case in 1996

    o to the Maryland Judiciary Case Search Criteria page:….

    Then learn that the parents of Kavanaugh’s accuser were defendants in a court case his mother presided over.

  • Big Ed

    Schumer is a vile toad. He knows as well as I do that this woman is a Democrat operative and her lawyer is a George Soros cohort and heavily invested in Democrat politics. With absolutely no chance of keeping Kavanaugh off of the Supreme Court and at his wits end, Schumer went back to the good old Democrat playbook for the offensive move guaranteed to work-the old your guy is a perverted creep ploy (I’m wondering if he has a second and a third abused female ready to jump into the breach if this single female doesn’t do the job). Democrats always have multiples of women ready to pile on if the first victim doesn’t produce the desired result.