Shameless Obama is Now Taking Credit for a Republican Policy He Viciously Opposed

You’re going to hear about the jobs that Obama supposedly created from now until the end of his term as president, but what you won’t hear is how a “heartless” Republican policy is actually the cause of many of those jobs.

If you’ll remember, at the end of 2013 Republicans were excoriated for demanding that unemployment benefits not be extended. They reasoned that if you give an incentive to people to not work, they’ll not look for work as they would otherwise. Democrats yelled and screamed that they just hated poor people:

Then, magically, the unemployment started dropping! And of course Democrats and Obama took all the credit. But a new study says pretty convincingly that the “heartless” policy that Republicans pushed is to be credited with the job creation, not any liberal policy.

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From Forbes:

….the predicted apocalypse never occurred. Instead, the unemployment rate dropped from 6.7% in December 2013 to 5.6% a year later, despite a drop in the growth of aggregate productivity. The new NBER paper—authored by economists at the University of Oslo, Stockholm University and the University of Pennsylvania—finds a strong relationship between the drop in unemployment benefits and the rise in employment.

Forbes goes on to explain the methodology behind the findings which compared a county with extended unemployment benefits with one right next door without those benefits. They found that the Republican free market policy could account for 1% of the labor market recovery, which correlates with the 1.2% drop in unemployment in the last year.

And this is in spite of Obama’s job-killing policies. Now imagine what we might get done if Republicans were better at messaging and the media was fair-minded in giving us unbiased reporting?


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