Steve Scalise Just Wants One Thing From Pelosi

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise discussed the one major thing needed from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during an episode of Fox News’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto.”

Scalise explained to Cavuto that in order to protect our people and avoid a second shutdown what Pelosi needed to provide was simply a “credible offer.”

“Nancy Pelosi said she wouldn’t negotiate during the shutdown. OK, now the shutdown is over for the time being,” Scalise said. “Will she finally start being willing to put a dollar amount on the table, to say how much is she willing to put together to support securing the border?”

Pelosi has continually refused to offer any sum that could be used to build Trump’s promised border wall. That stubborn attitude has allowed migrants to continue illegally entering the country, prolonged the government shutdown and subsequently imperiled the finances of roughly 800,000 Americans.

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“It’s going to take at least $5.5 billion — our experts who risk their lives have said that’s what it will take to secure the border,” Scalise shared. “What’s Nancy Pelosi willing to now put on the table since we’re out of the shutdown?”

Scalise couldn’t be more correct in posing that “it’s got to be a serious, credible offer. […] Let’s talk serious.”

He also pointed out how the president’s SOTU address could be beneficial to Trump’s cause. The event offers the opportunity to further elaborate the need for a wall.

“There are bad things that happen every day that most Americans never hear about. So let’s actually lay that case out. And then we’ll see where everybody is going to be,” Scalise offered.