The Democrats Lose Their S***

Donald Trump won the presidency because he was seen as blunt and non-manipulative, as opposed to the robotic, incompetent Machiavellianism of Hillary Clinton – and because he demonstrated that he cared about the concerns of Americans who were sick of being called racist sexist bigot homophobes for not paying obeisance to the leftist cause du jour.

Democrats apparently think he won because he said the word “s—.”

On Wednesday, the Democratic Party got into a Twitter war with the Republican Party. The GOP tweeted out a picture of a shirt sold by the Dem rats that says “Democrats give a sh*t about people.” This is a takeoff on Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez’s statements that Republicans don’t give a s— about people. Republicans responded to the shirt by tweeting: “2016: ‘When they go low, we go high’ – Michelle Obama.” The Democratic Party responded, “Taking away health care from 24 million people is going low. Giving a s— about people is going high.”

The theory here seems to be that repeating the same Democratic message but with a higher pitch and more vulgar language will win them political favor again. It wasn’t Trump’s rejection of leftism that won him acolytes; it was that he dropped the S-word and the F-word and the P-word. If only Democrats could imitate his style – all would be well!

This is asinine.

Cursing didn’t hurt Trump because Trump was running against type. His cursing demonstrated that he wasn’t a conservative fuddy-duddy who was deeply concerned about policing language. He channeled the anger of his base.

Democratic cursing just demonstrates, as always, that Democrats have no standards with regard to speech. It’s not violating a taboo to say s— as a Democrat because there is no taboo. And simply saying that word over and over doesn’t help Democrats who are still struggling for a national message.

Democrats are in trouble nationwide because they have strayed from their core pitch: caring about every American. Instead, they have decided to embrace the intersectional nonsense of Barack Obama, who divvied Americans up along race, class, sex and sexual orientation lines and then pandered to each group individually. That program is both anti-American and insincere because to pander to each group means to shortchange them all. After all, what happens when Democrats claim that black Americans are victims of white society but that gay Americans are victims of straight society? Are black straight people the victims or the victimizers? Is the unemployed blue-collar white fellow who used to work a steel job in Indiana the victim because he’s living on the edge of poverty, or is he the victimizer because he refuses to agree that a biological man can be a woman?


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  • Howleyesque

    The utter hypocrisy and sheer idiocy of the Demo rats was their own worst enemy just as refusal to BE a REAL voice of the people BY the mincing stuffed shirts he ran against in the primaries was their own undoing. Meanwhile NEITHER group has as yet to SEE much less ADMIT that they are totally out of touch with Joe and Jane AVERAGE AMERICAN. What’s TRULY hilarious is the ridiculous attempts by the propaganda arm of the Demo rat party that the CRETIN’S News Network and a few of their friends (like that equally moronic TWIT Sh-tbird Smith) double, triple and quadruple down on the insult tirades, yellow journalism and transparent pandering to the leftist agenda that has already destroyed their phony claims to “credibility”.

    • Barbara Smith

      Seems you’ve said it all & rightly so! Thanks

      • Howleyesque

        Thanks! I do my best … 😉

    • 8gary8

      May I simply applaud your penetrating, perceptive & discerning comments? WELL SAID!

      • Howleyesque


  • Eugene Pariah

    As usual, another great article by Ben Shapiro! …

    But that said, where’s the link-referenced article about Canadian PM Kevin Trudeau’s complementary remarks about President Trump’s willingness to listen the American people?!?! …

    Sort of a “truth-in-advertizing” kinda thing, if you catch my drift.

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    • BH

      Otherwise known as bait and switch.

  • William McNamara

    Goes to show just how insane and out of touch with reality democrats actually are. They really think that by acting violently and screaming and yelling, the American people will simply sit down and shut up and allow the insane democrats to do whatever they want. Sad, really. So sad in fact that I am going to sit here and laugh until I cry! Muwahahahahahaha!

    • Howleyesque

      And it gets better by the day! In her latest effort to PROVE beyond all doubt that the Cretin’s News Network has the same RELATIVE credibility as Joseph Goebbels, Rachel MadSOW is NOW trying to blame the mess that IS Venezuela on? PRESIDENT TRUMP! Someone send that head case… A CALENDAR!

      • glenn davis

        In Rachel MadSOW’s mind she is correct. It IS Trump’s fault that he didn’t run for President of Venezuela so that he could fix that mess.

        • Howleyesque

          I have NO INTENTION of even TRYING to see things from that nutjob’s perspective… besides I’m not that flexible and I’m not “into” self colonoscopy’s!

  • Joe Snowblower

    Things that go bump in the night :
    Hillary’s Vodka bottle when it falls off the bed
    Hillary’s head when she falls off the bed
    Tom Perez when he tries to catch Hillary
    Tom Perez when he tries to save the democrats

  • twspears6007

    The Democrats have no standards period the American people have rejected their agenda and more Democratic losses are in their future. Tom Perez is a nobody going no where and going to be the final nail in the coffin.

  • Paul Marsh

    No news people ever told what the bottom line was about this election. It was our personal security and the security of our nation. Killary openly bragged that day one she would start removing our personal weapons and also bring in 550,000 more illegals. She did not listen when Obama told her that we the people will cling to our guns and our Bibles. PS we also voted.

  • Harold Horwich

    take a look at this. The rulers of California who used illegal aliens to take over are now talking for the citizens of CA. Well I and many others are going to vote the democrat party to go to hell I know that there are 850,000 illegals in CA and many voted many times because of the communist /democrat party thinks they have taken over CA and can rule by their big mouths I will vote for the end of the democrat/communist nazi party.

  • This man Perez thinks he can gross-out his way to the White House. He thinks that is the way Donald Trump made it as he was so busy talking he did not listen.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  • Jackson Brannon

    They ran a Hypocritical POS that Lied and Murdered her way wherever she went!! She was an immoral evil skank that hated everyone around her as well as ANY voter she could not use!! She cheated in the Primary as well as in the CNN Debate!! She has the scruples of a snake and a rat all in one!!
    I have no idea why she didn’t win???!!!!

  • george briar

    the democrats are a hoot but make them stop. I’m ashamed to admit I used to be a democrat but now an independent. Changed when Obama showed up in 2008. Couldn’t believe the cover up the media was practicing to hide the truths about this individual. The democratic party somewhere before him took a wrong turn for the worst but why is the mystery.

  • george briar

    yeah the democrats trying to get back. now that’s a real hoot when you ask yourself Back from what? They force a fraud like Obama on the people who’s whole life is a made up story and use his dark skin as a camouflage to grab the black vote and keep criticism away and use the race card to do it and then use the bought and paid for media to hide the facts. What they weren’t preparing for was Donald Trump a wealthy citizen that decided to get in the race because he was tired of watching. He didn’t go along with the rules and spoke his mind something the democrats couldn’t deal with so they threw out there two complete clowns Clinton and sanders as their candidate’s and now still can’t believe the voters actually went for Trump. The democrats are dying and have nothing left except ridiculousness.

  • jimamrhein


  • Original Anna

    We are receiving surveys from the ACLU (American Communist Party) declaring that they need to know if we are for the Constitution while the Republican Party and Trump are destroying our Constitutional rights and while the ACLU protects the Constitution along side the democrats. They say Trump is against the inclusion of all peoples including homosexuals and trans genders and their rights. Trump is going to use the Christian issue against the democratic party and the ACLU while both the ACLU and democrats defend Christians. Trump and his party are against Islam while the ACLU protects all religions and the rights of all immigrators. The survey asks questions which are nothing but pronouncements and want you to say yes or no to Trump. Even my democrat relative said what? He knows ACLU is the American Communist Party and they and the democrats do not defend Christians or the churches. He is a loose Catholic and he knows the ACLU from its beginning of forcing our schools to accept Darwin against creationism. First I can’t believe this communist party group is sending out these lying surveys, I never thought I would see them so powerful and confident that they would treat us like we accept them as some party we can agree with. What is going on in this country. I hope my democrat relative is finally understanding where the democrats are coming from now a days. He is my age and knows what communism is but is influenced by his democrat friends in a democratic state. Has anybody else gotten these surveys from the ACLU right to your house.

  • Political View

    Look at Dem states and the propaganda they call education and the students coming from that system.. Dems want to change our History to suite their narrative, why don’t they just outright combine with the Communist Party and stop pretending otherwise.

  • Francisco Machado

    “Taking away health care from 24 million people is going low” A valid conclusion cannot be drawn from a false premise. Obamacare does not provide health care. it mandates purchase of insurance – and at that it has been a disaster. It has driven policy costs and deductibles up by double digits year after year making them unaffordable, is bankrupt and carrying considerable debt obligations that it cannot pay. Remember, this is the program that would be economically self sustaining, would save us $2400 a year and would reduce health care costs. Its own laws, as enacted by the Democrat congress (without reading them) require it to repay the startup money loaned it by the Treasury. It has used funds budgeted to other programs – six billion from Medicare. Is Obamacare taking away health care from old people – who have paid throughout their working lives to have it? Are you unable to recognize that Obama scammed the nation with unrealistic promises (as Gruber proudly revealed) to wreck an insurance system which was satisfactory to eighty percent of the people and replace it with a government administered unaffordable unworkable Socialist program – that was a significant factor in ousting the Democrats from office because the voters loved it so much? And the impoverished, whose medical bills got paid by the taxpayers, can’t afford to pay the deductibles – so their health care and their insurance gets paid by the taxpayers.