‘Transparent and Honest’: How Sarah Sanders Wants To Be Remembered

Sarah Huckabee Sanders role as White House press secretary has been quite tumultuous, as evidenced by butting heads with the press while supporting Trump. Yet Sanders hopes to leave a more subdued legacy.

“I hope that it will be that I showed up every day and did the very best job that I could to put forward the president’s message,” Sanders remarked at the Politico Women Rule summit. She claimed “to do the best job I could to answer questions, to be transparent and honest throughout that process, and to do everything I could to make America a little better that day than it was the day before.”

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Sanders does have many accomplishments in her favor. From being the first woman to be White House press secretary in over a decade, all while also being the first mother of young children to take the position.

Although Sanders was musing about her legacy, she indicated no plan for exiting the position: “Not that I know about.” Stating she wants to continue to be an “effective messenger for the president.”

While there is nothing wrong with wanting to be remembered fondly, most liberals have already started to cry foul.

“I want to be remembered for curing cancer and having super powers, but that wouldn’t be the truth. @SarahHuckabee, sweetie, you’re going to be remembered for being a LIAR,” was one of the many comments directed at Sanders on Twitter.