Jessica Chastain Destroys Hollywood

At a “Women in Entertainment” event on Monday, actress Jessica Chastain unloaded on Hollywood’s hypocrisy, exposed in a glaring way over the last two weeks by the accusations of sexual misconduct against megaproducer Harvey Weinstein, whose alleged behavior was an “open secret” in Hollywood for decades.

At ELLE’s “Women in Entertainment” event, in a room The Hollywood Reporter notes included many famous faces, Chastain laid bare the egregious “disconnect” between what Hollywood preaches in public and what it actually practices behind closed doors.

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“This is an industry rife with racism, sexism and homophobia,” said Chastain, who was one of the actresses to quickly come out in condemnation of Weinstein and those who looked the other way over the decades. “It is so closely woven into the fabric of the business that we have become snowblind to the glaring injustices happening every day.”

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