A Female Journalist Questions Evidence Against a Rape Allegation and Outraged Feminists ATTACK Her for It!

There are those who define feminism as merely the belief that women are equal to men, but the more radical wing of the movement really seems to just operate from a hatred and suspicion of all men. That’s what seems to animate a segment from a low-rated weekend MSNBC show where a journalist brings up evidence that brings into question a rape allegation, and the feminist panelists eat her alive for it.

The entire segment is really worth watching:

Melissa Harris Perry is best known for wearing tampons as earrings on air (no I’m not kidding), and Irin Carmon is a well-known rabid feminist. But the way they brutalized Daily Beast’s Cathy Young is especially surprising given that she says she supports gender equality.

One would think that a woman contacting a person to hang out after being raped just might help the guy’s case to deny the charges, but in Perry and Carmon’s world, the mere accusation is enough for a condemnation.

Take a deep look, America, this is what radical feminism is, and what is influencing those officials at colleges that you are sending your sons and daughters to shape their minds.

Do you think this is how we should treat rape allegations? Let us know!


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