Antifa Idiots Mistake Fellow Protester for Nazi

Antifa is the gift that keeps on giving. I mean “gift” in a metaphorical sense. We recently told you about the “anti-fascist” goon who stabbed a Navy sailor after mistaking him for a Nazi. Well, I’ve got one for you that gloriously tops that. Not least of all for the poor guy who got stabbed.

Antifa idiots mistook one of their OWN fellow protestors for a Nazi and beat the ever-loving crap out of him. For realsies…

We probably shouldn’t laugh over an unprovoked assault. But, we can make an exception in this case. This guy is at fault for associating with Antifa idiots in the first place. No good is going to come from palling around with 2×4-packing loons in ninja costumes.

I was unaware looking like the lead singer from Disturbed automatically made you a follower of Hitler. Seems the left’s criteria for Nazidom is becoming broader by the day. Not unlike the empty space between their ears. Who knows what will qualify you as an agent of the Third Reich next.

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