Dem Darling Caught Bucking Taxes

The limelight that followed Democrat Stacey Abrams following her State of the Union response doesn’t seem to be doing her any favors. 

The attention has exposed that nonprofit organization, Third Sector Development, has been hit with three tax liens over the past year. Marking seven total liens in the organization’s history. 

The three current liens as well as the previous four are all related to the organization failing to pay state unemployment tax.

Abrams founded the group and claims that third-party clerical errors are to blame for both the new and old liens.

This isn’t the first instance of financial trouble for Abrams. During her failed attempt to secure the governorship of Georgia, it as revealed that the Democrat has incredibly poor financial sense. During the campaign she admitted to accruing more than $200,000 worth of debt distributed among credit cards, student loans and IRS back taxes.

It doesn’t appear that her continued second chances have taught her any lessons.