How a Popular Nerd Website Apologized for a CAT TWEET That Offended Liberals, Then Insulted Conservatives!

The website “Boing Boing” is a popular hangout for nerd and geek news, but when it’s Twitter account tweeted a pretty funny cat meme that offended it’s transgendered readers, it became defensive and then apologized:

If you don’t understand why that’s offensive, it’s because jokes like this are used to highlight the ridiculousness of someone saying they’re not actually male because they “identify” as female, or vice versa. You just can’t make that joke in today’s America.

But you know what you CAN do? Insult the conservatives that defend your freedom of speech!

You just had to apologize to transgender activists over a cat meme on Twitter, and WE’RE the lunatics, huh? LOL! Just don’t come running to us when the politically correct inquisition comes back to crush you under its iron heel!


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