Ted Cruz Mocked Over Phone Bank Video

Poor Senator Ted Cruz suffered from quite possibly the worst political timing ever ever ever. First he took a principled stand against Trump at the convention, and was skewered for it while others praised him. Then Trump’s numbers took a tumble and Cruz looked like a genius. But after Trump evened polls up with Hillary, Cruz eventually caved and endorse his former rival.

Then somehow he allowed himself to be recorded making sad phone calls for Trump:

Wow. That is… bleak.

Just two weeks later, Trump is again on the ropes, but Cruz is stuck with him. If only he had waited it out for a few weeks, he’d be the savior of the party right now.

Instead, they’re making memes out of his video:

Wow. The GOP is even whispering about getting rid of Trump as the nominee, but nobody is talking about Ted Cruz now, except in humorous jokes.

Worst. Timing. Ever.


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