Clintons Promise Foundation Will Stop Being Corrupt If Elected

In a surprising change of policy, the Clintons are now promising that if Hillary is elected that they’ll stop all of that darn corruption.

OK, that’s a slight exaggeration, but the Clinton Foundation has been under such scrutiny that they’re now saying they won’t accept any more foreign donations and Slick Willy will step down from his role there if Hillary gets elected.

That is making a lot of people ask a very important question – if doing all of this would keep corruption out of the Clinton Foundation after Hillary would be elected, why didn’t they do it while she was at the State Department?!  They don’t exactly have a good answer to that one.

But this announcement might have the opposite effect of what they were hoping – instead of doing away with doubt, it’ll make people wonder even more just what Hillary might have traded away while being at the State Department!

Watch the news report about this below:

So will we really trust Hillary to stop being corrupt if she wins? I doubt it…


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