Enormous Voter Fraud Investigated In Important State

Liberals and democrats pretend there’s no voter fraud and call Republicans racist for trying to take steps to stop it, but there’s an enormous investigation in Indiana that proves otherwise!

Watch below:

And since this video, the investigation has expanded to 56 counties:

Indiana State Police are investigating possible voter registration fraud in 56 of the state’s 92 counties in a probe that began in August. The investigation is focusing on the efforts of a Washington, D.C.-based voter mobilization group, Patriot Majority USA, which denies any wrongdoing and says it is being unfairly targeted for political reasons. The probe expanded Thursday to nearly two-thirds of the state’s counties only days before Tuesday’s deadline to register to vote in the state.

Among the local counties included in the investigation are Marshall, Elkhart and LaPorte.

State Police spokesman Capt. Dave Bursten says the agency began its investigation in late August when it was contacted by voter registration officials in Hendricks County, just west of Indianapolis. They reported that some voter registration applications submitted by the Indiana Voter Registration Project may have been forged, or were otherwise suspicious, he says. Investigators then found “a number of applications” where the signatures were apparently written in the same person’s handwriting, raising concerns about forgery. Bursten says other concerns that could suggest fraud were subsequently found on applications the group submitted in Marion County, home of Indianapolis.

So will Democrats continue to lie about voter fraud? Of course they will!! That’s the only thing they’re good at, aside from tossing handouts to followers.


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