Hackers Have Declared TOTAL WAR On Trump!! Here’s What They DID!!

The hacker collective “Anonymous” has declared a full scale online war against the GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump!

As with most of their targets, they released a video as a warning:

Newsweek details the information they’ve already released:

The hacking collective Anonymous has published some of Donald Trump’s personal details as part of its “total war” against the presidential hopeful.

Listed in the data dump were Trump’s cell phone number, social security number and the contact details of his PR and legal representatives, however most of the information appears to have already been publicly available.

In a video released on Thursday, a member of the amorphous collective said that the data was “provided for informational purposes only,” in the hope that it would assist investigations into “this would-be dictator.”

When Newsweek called the number listed as Trump’s cell phone, the call was redirected to an automated voicemail service that said the mailbox was full. Other numbers listed include Trump’s agent Tracy Brennan and Trump’s legal representation Manatt Phelps & Phillips. There was no answer from either number.

A group of hackers affiliated with Anonymous tell Newsweek they were able to identify the IP addresses of Trump’s various websites, including his campaign site and his business site, allowing them to bypass security measures that are designed to obscure the address and prevent attacks.

“With the real IP we could breach his website and leak everything. He obviously isn’t as ‘Trumpy’ as we thought he would be,” a member of New World Hackers told Newsweek on Thursday. “He has the money, spend it on something useful.”

It sounds like their first “attack” didn’t have many repercussions… but that doesn’t mean their next attack will be as painless…


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