Here’s How The NFL Made Trump Look Like A LIAR…

Trump really seems like he’s trying to get out of the debates with Hillary Clinton because he told kind of a dumb lie about it and people are wondering why he would do such a thing.

Watch below:

So, Trump is going around saying that he received a letter from the NFL about how stupid the debate schedule is – and he was lying about it.

More from CNN Money:

The Commission on Presidential Debates has many critics too, but it was specifically formed to provide a nonpartisan structure for debates that doesn’t favor one candidate over another.

The parties are not involved in the debate scheduling, a point that Spicer made on CNN: The commission “announces the dates without consultation of the parties or the candidates.”

He acknowledged that the dates were set last September, before the primaries even began, but said that “doesn’t mean it’s a good system.”

“You look at the debates being on major NFL nights and you wonder why people are upset about that? This was a dumb idea and should be revisited,” Spicer said, throwing the RNC’s support behind Trump’s complaint.

When Trump tweeted on Friday night, New York Times political correspondent and CNN analyst Maggie Haberman responded, “Is this a prelude to not doing all three?”

So what do you think? Is he trying to get out of the debates? Let us know in the comments section below!!


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