Ilhan Omar Admits She Wants THIS Person To “NOT EXIST”

The fact that she thinks like this is terrifying…

In a recent interview with CBS, according to Ilhan Omar, The very “existence” of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “is contrary to the peace.”

After discussing the ban he placed on her, Omar insisted that she hopes the people of Israel will “recognize that his existence, his policies, his rhetoric is contradictory” to achieving a peaceful “two-state solution” in the Middle East.

Partial Transcript as follows:

BRENNAN: “You were, specifically, banned by the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu from visiting that country. He faces a very tough election in the next few days. If he doesn’t win, are you going to try to go back and do you stand by your call for a boycott of Israel?”

OMAR: “I certainly hope that the people of Israel make a different decision. And my hope is that they recognize that his existence, his policies, his rhetoric really is contradictory to the peace that we are all hoping that that region receives and receives soon.

“Just right now if you look at the annexation that’s taking place, for many of us in Congress there has been a longstanding support for its two-state solution, and this annexation now is going to make sure that that peace process does not happen. And we will not get to a two-state solution.”

Omar also reaffirmed her support for the BDS (Boycott Divest Sanction) movement boycott of Israel:

“I think what is really important is for people to understand that you have to give people the opportunity to seek the kind of justice they want in a peaceful way. And I think the opportunity to boycott divest sanction is the kind of pressure that leads to that peaceful process.”