Liberals Are Calling THIS NAME Cruz Called Trump ‘RACIST’?!?

In one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a while, Chris Matthews had a liberal idiot watch a video of Ted Cruz calling Trump a mobster, and asked what she thought of it. Of course the answer is it’s “racist.”

Watch below:

But the best part is how she whines about how “racist” it is to call a mobster a “mobster” – as if they don’t exist, or the very utterance of the word is racist against Italians. And why is that? Well she explains it’s because she KNOWS mobsters and it’s offensive to them!!! LOL!!! That is… amazing.

I’m used to liberals yelling “racism” every time a conservative talks, but I’ve never seen them do it in defense of a Republican!! Maybe she just thinks Trump is the best chance for Hillary to win…

Also, don’t miss how Chris Matthews asks if Trump is just “a monkey that typed Christmas.” Brilliant guy this Matthews.


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