One Of The Greatest NFL Stars Just SNUBBED Obama!

Every year the sitting President of these United States invites the Super Bowl winning team to the White House to congratulate. It’s a huge honor, even if the guy happens to be Barack Obama. But one huge NFL star decided he just had better things to do.

And that man is Tom Brady.

Now before you all accuse him of racism because he went to the other White House ceremonies when white man George W. Bush was in the Oval Office, you have to hear his excuse from

Quarterback Tom Brady did not join his teammates to meet with President Obama due to a prior family commitment, the Boston Globe’s Ben Volin and others reported.

Thursday would have marked Brady’s fourth trip to the White House to be honored as a Super Bowl champion. The Patriots’ last trip came in 2005, when they were hosted by President George W. Bush for the third time in four years.

Yeah I dunno.. sounds pretty racisty to me!


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