Report: DOJ Rebuffed FBI-Requested Investigation of Clintons

Before proceeding further, go read Cortneyand Ed Morrissey’s summaries of the latest sketchy developments surrounding the Clinton Foundation. In short, newly-released emails reveal more evidence of influence-peddling within Hillary Clinton’s State Department vis-a-vis major donors to her family “slush fund.” Senior officials at the foundation were in contact with top Hillary aides seeking favorsand special connections on behalf of major-dollar contributors, including a Lebanese-Nigerian billionaire who donated between one and five million dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

Secretary Clinton also went to bat for a foreign banker in her official capacity, eventually leading to quite a payday for her husband and their foundation.

Coupled with additional serious improprieties, a chronic lack of required transparency, and sundry instances of apparent corruption, these new revelations help cement a wider pattern of grift and sleaze. Which brings us to this nugget buried deep within an online CNN report:


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