This Video From Milwaukee Shows The UGLY RACISM Of Anti-Cop Movement!

Before the Milwaukee riots lit up, there were altercations between police and angry residents who would become rioters and looters. In one very ugly video, thugs from the neighborhood can be seen mocking and challenging the police. At one point, you can hear one protester yelling that they don’t want to “co-habit” with whites anymore, and that they want “blood.”

We have to admit that there is no membership list where we can check if these thugs are actually with the “Black Lives Matter” movement, but it’s clear that their talking points and narratives are influencing them.

It’s pretty ugly, and it shows the true face of the “Black Lives Matter” movement and the rioting and looting it encourages.

Watch below:

This is why the media is to blame for the violence that erupts when they tacitly approve of the messaging of Black Lives Matter, but they aren’t the only ones. Democrats including Obama all encourage this kind of thinking, and so they’re all implicated when thugs like these end up burning down a building or start attacking white people.

But they’ll get away with it as long as the media is on their side.


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