How Hillary Shut Down Investigation Into Clinton Foundation

If you want any more evidence of how Hillary Clinton gets away with crimes that regular people could only dream of, all you have to watch this report from CNN. In it they detail how officials in the Department of Justice suspected that there were shenanigans going on at the Clinton Foundation, but rather than do something about it, they just completely ignored it. Why not?

By any account this should get a lot more airtime this week than any of the dumb silly things that Trump says – but you know the media will focus on Trump for entertainment purposes. And to protect poor Hillary of course.

Here’s the video from CNN below:

Isn’t that amazing? You can bet that if there were irregularities like this having to do with you or me, they’d throw the book at us.

But because it’s Hillary Clinton and it’s in the corrupted Obama administration, Hillary gets away scot free.

And this is just the stuff we know about!! It’s been years later and we finally get confirmation. Just imagine all the weird stuff that we’ll get to find out about that they’ve been hiding all these years!!


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