Trump Gets Endorsed By A MAJOR World Power – But He Probably Doesn’t Want It!!

In a surprising act from a country not known for endorsing candidates in the American presidential election, North Korea made the announcement that they looked forward to Trump plopping his aged butt in the Oval Office.

Here’s a news report about it:

Hmmm yeah the problem with that is North Korea is generally considered our enemy, so an endorsement isn’t really considered a good thing. Usually.

Here’s why they love the love the Donald so much:

An official North Korean state media outlet on Tuesday endorsed Donald Trump for U.S. president, calling the presumptive Republican nominee a “wise politician” who will take a hands off approach to North-South Korean relations.

“In my personal opinion, there are many positive aspects to the Trump’s ‘inflammatory policies,’” Chinese North Korean scholar Han Yong Mook wrote in an editorial for DPRK Today, a tourism propaganda website.

“Trump said ‘he will not get involved in the war between the South and the North,’ isn’t this fortunate from North Koreans’ perspective?” Mr. Han asked, according to NK News, a Washington-D.C.-based North Korea news website.

Mr. Han referred to Mr. Trump’s speech in March to potentially pull U.S. military troops out of South Korea if the country does not pay more for its defense costs.

“Yes do it, now,” Mr. Han wrote. “Who knew that the slogan ‘Yankee Go Home’ would come true like this? The day when the ‘Yankee Go Home’ slogan becomes real would be the day of Korean Unification.”

The article also called Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton “dull Hillary” and slammed her Korean peninsula policy.

“The president that U.S. citizens must vote for is not that dull Hillary — who claimed to adapt the Iranian model to resolve nuclear issues on the Korean Peninsula — but Trump, who spoke of holding direct conversation with North Korea,” Mr. Han argued.

And let’s not forget that Trump is also BFFs with Vladimir Putin.

Let’s hope the world isn’t tossed into a global conflagration after Putin and Kim Jong Un get into a love quarrel over Trump!


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