What This Trump Spokeswoman Said About Ronald Reagan Is JUST WEIRD!!

The Donald Trump campaign seems especially sensitive about his past support for the pro-abortion cause, and it must be because they know it’s an issue that many conservatives just won’t compromise on.

Maybe that’s why Katrina Pierson, who’s known for her weird statements in defense of Trump, made an odd comment about Ronald Reagan in order to explain away Trump’s pro-abortion advocacy.

Watch below:

Pierson almost sneers about how Cruz “props up” Ronald Reagan who once signed an abortion bill as the Governor of California. And she’s right, he did, and he said that he regretted it, even though he did it out of a sense of duty to the office.

But whether he was right to do it, it’s really odd how she acts like it’s the worst thing in the world to look up to Reagan.

It makes you wonder just what the Trump campaign really believes about conservatives, and what we respect and hold precious.

Or maybe we already know. 


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