Wikileaks Catches ‘Journalists’ Colluding With Hillary

Whether the Russians are behind the Wikileaks hacking or not, we’re getting to see just how politics works behind the scenes. And it’s proving what we’ve always suspected – supposedly “objective” journalists tipping off the Hillary camp of a story that’s about to drop!

Here’s the email in question:


The “venerable” New York Times’ reporters Maggie Haberman and Jonathan Martin literally tell someone at the Hillary campaign about a story they’re about to drop so that they can prepare for it.

Do you think they do this for Republicans? Yeah, not bloody likely.

They’ll downplay this as if it’s normal and not a big deal. But Wikileaks might get the last laugh – they’re sitting on tens of thousands of other emails and when they drop they might have even more damaging exchanges between the media and the Hillary campaign…


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